contractor inside partially built house

What is Artisan Insurance in Maitland, FL?

There are many different types of commercial insurance out there, but that doesn’t mean that one size fits all. So how do you know what kind of coverage is right for you? Well, if you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason, or any other type of skilled artisan contractor, then you are probably going to want to sign up for artisan insurance in Maitland, FL.

Similar to contractor’s insurance, artisan’s insurance is strict liability insurance that helps cover any mistakes made by you or damages done because of craftsmanship errors. It does not cover your business office, supplies, or work vehicles. Still, even the most skilled artisan contractors know that mistakes can happen, and without the right coverage, these errors can end up sinking your business and your livelihood.

With artisan insurance, you are able to protect yourself from financial ruin due to errors or accidents that might occur while you are doing your job. Even if you are working as a subcontractor on a bigger project, one mistake can end up making all of the artisans in the building liable. So this type of insurance coverage doesn’t just protect you from mistakes you might make, but also mistakes that other artisans can render you liable for as well.