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Tips for Getting Car Insurance for Your Teen

As your teen approaches driving age, there’s more to consider than getting a license. Before they can hit the road, they’ll need the right coverage for any potential dings, scrapes, or other accidents along the way. Of course, getting car insurance in Maitland, FL, is a little different for a first-time driver. It can pay to plan ahead and know what you’re in for when you shop. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for parents and guardians:

Join an Existing Policy — Opening an entirely new policy means getting insurance from a company with no prior history to base their pricing on. They’ll likely consider first-time drivers “high-risk,” and stick you with a pretty beefy premium. Instead, try adding your teen to an existing policy, where you can use your own record and customer clout to save a little on your monthly rate.

Teach Safe Driving — Some insurance companies offer discounts for driving schools and certification programs. Even if yours doesn’t, safe driving pays off with rate decreases over time.

Shop Around — Compare prices at different providers to make sure you get the best deal. An agent can do a lot of the hard work here for you, saving time and using their expert knowledge to find you the best car insurance policy.