hurricane off the coast of Florida

Take Steps to Protect Your Vehicle from Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes don’t differentiate; they are indiscriminately destructive. All you can do is be prepared by taking steps to protect your belongings well before one is forecast.

We’re going to look at how you can protect your car with auto insurance in Maitland, FL, and by following a few simple tips. Insurance is our specialty at Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., and we’ll focus on protection in addition to auto insurance coverage.

Something you may not have considered is taking pictures of your car’s interior and exterior before any storm, so you have a record of its condition.

Make sure you have all your automobile documents and important papers in a safe place. Keep them sealed in a baggie in your car. It’s a good idea to have copies in your home as well.

Fill your fuel tank before the storm comes. That way, you’ll be able to travel and seek help if necessary after the hurricane. You can never be sure gas stations will have power in the aftermath of a storm.

Find a secure parking spot inside a garage, if possible. If not, look for a sheltered area that won’t be flooded or exposed to high winds.

Once the storm passes, recheck your vehicle to make sure it’s safe to drive. If there’s damage, take more photos so you can use them for auto insurance claims and repairs.