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Navigating Complicated Hurricane Coverage for Your Home

Damage from severe rainfall and flooding, as well as flying branches and falling trees, are some of the serious risks for property owners during a hurricane. Hurricane season in the Eastern Atlantic runs from around May 15th to November 30th. During this time, many coastal homeowners worry about the damage that hurricanes can cause to their homes and what may or may not be covered by their insurance policies. The proper compensation for damage after a hurricane requires having the right home insurance in Maitland, FL, beforehand.

Will a Homeowner Policy Cover All Hurricane Damage?

Home insurance policies cover different aspects of damage to homes caused by storms. While some hurricane damage may be covered, in most cases, people in hurricane-prone areas need more than one policy to cover damages. Whether you are covered or not depends on: the type of damage, how it was caused, the type of homeowner coverage you purchased, and where you live.

Homes and properties in high-risk zones have different coverages available to them than areas that are considered lower risk. Your renter, condo, or home insurance policy may cover some property damages resulting from hurricanes; however, they may have exclusions for this type of high wind damage, or they may require you to add an endorsement for windstorm coverage. Coverage for all hurricane damage may require more than one insurance policy to protect your home.