Find Suitable Personal Umbrella Insurance in Maitland, FL

Are you prepared to pay for legal and medical fees that could remain after your insurance policy covers your incident? If not, turn to Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc. Our independent insurance agency is proud to be your local source for personal umbrella insurance in Maitland, FL. Consult our amicable, skilled insurance agents to explore your personal insurance coverage options and a find a policy that’s fit for you.

Don’t let your most valuable possessions go unprotected. While several of your assets such as your home or vehicle have policies designed to protect them from the unexpected, not every personal property item has a type of insurance policy devoted to it. Umbrella insurance is a type of personal insurance that can be used to supplement other insurance policies and mitigate financial risk in the event of an accident. Count on our skilled agents to help you maximize your financial protection and regain peace of mind in a stressful event.

Learn More About Umbrella Insurance

Hand drawing home around iconsLife can be unpredictable, and in the sudden event that you experience an accident that isn’t covered by your current insurance policies, a personal umbrella insurance policy could save you from financial ruin. From auto insurance to life insurance, an umbrella policy helps to supplement your current coverage and fill in any gaps left behind after they pay out. In the event you are responsible for an injury sustained by another, your umbrella policy could help you to cover the injured party’s lost wages. If you are responsible for an accident and are ordered to pay a fee, personal insurance is there to help alleviate this burden.

Please keep in mind that while umbrella insurance can supplement the strength of general liability policies, it doesn’t apply to professional liability insurance. Fortunately, we’re prepared to help you find a medley of coverage options, including those for personal liability insurance, to ensure that you receive the most coverage for your budget.

Offering Personal Insurance Quotes with Many Different Companies

As an independent insurance agency, we’re able to quote with different providers to help you find the best coverage and rates for auto insurance, boat insurance, homeowners insurance, RV insurance, and more.  At your request, we’ll help you gather quotes from many different preferred providers, some of which include:

  • Nationwide
  • Travellers
  • Progressive
  • Florida Family
  • St. Johns

With the right amount of personal insurance coverage, you can keep moving forward, ready for whatever life has in store. Let our specialists help you choose a policy that’s always got you covered.

Contact our insurance agency to determine the amount of personal insurance coverage that’s right for you. Located in Maitland, Florida, we proudly serve companies and individuals throughout Central Florida.