Helping You Find Homeowners Insurance in Maitland, FL

Are you looking an affordable way to protect your home from the worst case scenario? Explore your options for homeowners insurance in Maitland, FL. At Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., we bring decades of experience to your search. Count on family-oriented team members to help you find suitable coverage that’s sure to serve you and your family well.

Our insurance company understands that your home is one of the largest and most important investments you will make throughout your lifetime. Secure it for the future with adequate homeowners insurance coverage that satisfies your unique requirements. As a longtime purveyor of homeowner insurance policies, we strive to connect you and your family with insurance policies that are both affordable and reliable.

The Importance of Homeowners Insurance

As a current or soon-to-be homeowner, it’s crucial that you take measures to protect your property investment. Turn to our experienced agents to find the right protection plan that will aid you should the unexpected occur. Your home doesn't have to be one of many that fall victim to a fire, break-ins, or various other unpredictable scenarios each year. Secure the protection and peace of mind you deserve by relying on our helpful agents.

We understand that homeowner policies are not one-size-fits-all. While a typical policy affords certain coverage's, most are customized to meet each homeowner’s unique needs. We have the resources and tools you need to compare offers from several providers and choose one that best suits your lifestyle. With our help, you can rest assured that you’ll find a policy that covers:

  • Your Dwelling
  • Other Structures on Your Property
  • Personal Property
  • Liability

Other Sevices from Our Insurance Agency

Hands holding a model homeWhether you live in a condominium or rent your residence, you and your home are eligible for a plethora of insurance policies. We invite you to schedule your appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgeable agents to receive a preliminary quote. This accurate quote will be a useful tool as you continue to evaluate various policies and consider what aspects of your rental property or house require coverage. Whatever your needs, you can count on our team to meet them in full.

Consider your needs carefully before you decide on any homeowners insurance policies.  Most policies offer coverage for damages caused by fires, lightning strikes, windstorms, and hail. However, it’s important to remember that most traditional plans aren’t all-encompassing when it comes to natural disasters. Notably, damage caused by earthquakes and floods aren’t usually covered. Protections from these specific disasters typically require additional homeowners insurance coverage.

Contact our agents to learn more about homeowners insurance. Located in Maitland, Florida, we proudly serve companies and individuals throughout Central Florida.