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Different Insurance Services that Everyone Should Consider

For most young adults, insurance is probably not at the top of their list, even though it should be. Sure, it’s not the most exciting aspect of being an adult, but it’s important to ensure you’re covered on some of the most important aspects of your life. That’s why the next step after you strike out on your own, or maybe have saved enough money, is to find the best insurance services in Maitland, FL.

Life Insurance

Life insurance covers things such as funeral costs after your passing. It’s even more important if your family is dependent on your income. You’ll be able to ensure all funeral expenses are taken care of so they can focus on other things. There are two types of life insurance you can choose from, either traditional whole life or term life.

Health Insurance

You want to avoid paying out of pocket for your health needs as much as possible. Statistically, most families are one serious illness away from a serious financial crisis. If you can’t get coverage through an employer, find a trade organization or associations about potential group health coverage.

Long-Term Disability

We don’t normally consider long-term disability insurance; however, one in four workers will become disabled and unable to work before retirement. While health insurance covers medical bills, this will help you cover expenses usually covered by a paycheck.

Auto Insurance

Lastly, making sure you have auto insurance could save you a lot of headaches in the event of an accident. It can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car depending on if you’re at fault or not and depending on the insurer.   It can also help guard you against litigation should there be cause for legal action.

Contact Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc. to learn more about their insurance services and how it can cover you on all these bases.

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What to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance as a College Student

Going off to school is a brand new chapter in your life that comes with many exciting new things, but also some more daunting and dull responsibilities.  Many college students will own a car by the time they’re tracking off to school, but that means investing your vehicle needs to be insured. Navigating your way through the jargon and the process itself is confusing, especially for first-time applicants. That’s why we’re here to give you some things to consider when purchasing auto insurance in Maitland, FL.

Right off the bat, you should know that most college-aged students (anywhere between the ages of 18 to 25) are more expensive to insure. Statistics show that drivers in that age range are riskier drivers. Auto insurance companies take into account your age and where your living as features to determine a good price for your plan. If you’re looking for the best way to save money, an option you can consider is staying on your parent’s insurance policy.

Staying on Your Parents Insurance to Save a Buck

Besides staying on your parents auto insurance policy being cheaper, you’ll find that it can also help you with:

  • Lack of a Credit Score
  • Convenience
  • Qualifying for Discounts
  • You May Be Protected Outside of Driving

Contact Mike Elliot Insurance Agency, Inc. to learn more about the best auto insurance plan for you.

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Take Steps to Protect Your Vehicle from Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes don’t differentiate; they are indiscriminately destructive. All you can do is be prepared by taking steps to protect your belongings well before one is forecast.

We’re going to look at how you can protect your car with auto insurance in Maitland, FL, and by following a few simple tips. Insurance is our specialty at Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., and we’ll focus on protection in addition to auto insurance coverage.

Something you may not have considered is taking pictures of your car’s interior and exterior before any storm, so you have a record of its condition.

Make sure you have all your automobile documents and important papers in a safe place. Keep them sealed in a baggie in your car. It’s a good idea to have copies in your home as well.

Fill your fuel tank before the storm comes. That way, you’ll be able to travel and seek help if necessary after the hurricane. You can never be sure gas stations will have power in the aftermath of a storm.

Find a secure parking spot inside a garage, if possible. If not, look for a sheltered area that won’t be flooded or exposed to high winds.

Once the storm passes, recheck your vehicle to make sure it’s safe to drive. If there’s damage, take more photos so you can use them for auto insurance claims and repairs.

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Why Car Insurance in Florida Is Expensive

There are a lot of vehicles on the road in Florida, and some would say there are a lot of bad drivers too. We’re not here to discuss the quality of motorists in our fair state, but we are here to discuss why car insurance in Maitland, FL, and across the region is so expensive. We know the reasons at Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., and we’ll list them here.

One main factor is we have mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, making it illegal for motorists to drive without it. Having PIP on top of regular car insurance increases costs.

All you need to do is look around the roads, and you can easily picture another reason – car accidents. There are plenty of them, so risks are higher and insurance rates are increased as well.

Having the third-largest state population in the US equals many drivers packed into cities and towns. That leads to people in certain densely populated areas paying higher rates.

We have low required coverage. Although you would think this means lower rates, if you are looking for more protection than the bare minimum, you will pay a lot more.

And finally, there are a lot of lawsuits resulting from collisions. Those suits lead to increased costs for insurers and drivers across the state.

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The Benefits of Bundling Insurance Services in Maitland, FL

Many people and companies have multiple insurance needs. Paying for each individual piece of coverage can end up becoming a little bit costly. The solution to getting the coverage you want at a price you can better afford is to ask your agency about bundling their insurance services in Maitland, FL.

Most insurance agencies are able to bundle multiple types of insurance policies together from the same provider. This not only makes it easier to keep all of your policies in one place, but can also help you reduce your overall costs on your car, home, life, boat, motorcycle, recreational toy, and any other coverage you may require.

When it comes to the different types of bundling options available to you, it is essential to reach out to your agent. They will help you better understand all of the different products available to you as well as how they can be bundled with other options that best fit your current and future needs. Some of the most common combinations you will find that can end up delivering decent discounts include:

  • Auto & Home Insurance Bundling
  • Auto & Renters Insurance Bundling
  • Auto & Life Insurance Bundling
  • Motorcycle & Home Insurance Bundling
  • Home & Umbrella Insurance Bundling
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What is Artisan Insurance in Maitland, FL?

There are many different types of commercial insurance out there, but that doesn’t mean that one size fits all. So how do you know what kind of coverage is right for you? Well, if you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason, or any other type of skilled artisan contractor, then you are probably going to want to sign up for artisan insurance in Maitland, FL.

Similar to contractor’s insurance, artisan’s insurance is strict liability insurance that helps cover any mistakes made by you or damages done because of craftsmanship errors. It does not cover your business office, supplies, or work vehicles. Still, even the most skilled artisan contractors know that mistakes can happen, and without the right coverage, these errors can end up sinking your business and your livelihood.

With artisan insurance, you are able to protect yourself from financial ruin due to errors or accidents that might occur while you are doing your job. Even if you are working as a subcontractor on a bigger project, one mistake can end up making all of the artisans in the building liable. So this type of insurance coverage doesn’t just protect you from mistakes you might make, but also mistakes that other artisans can render you liable for as well.

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What You Should Know About GAP Car Insurance

When you are looking for affordable car insurance in Maitland, FL, Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., has the policies for you. In addition to our standard insurance policies, we also offer GAP coverage. GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection, and it is designed to keep you from paying out of pocket in the event that your car is declared a total loss after an accident.

Your standard car insurance policy covers the value of your car with depreciation factored in. If your car is totaled in an accident, and its pre-accident value was $10,000, your insurance will pay out the $10,000 amount.

Assume, though, that you financed the car with a loan when the car was valued at $12,000. After your insurance pays the $10,000, that still leaves you liable for up to $2,000 (depending on how much you’ve already paid off) that you will owe the lender or dealer. GAP insurance makes up this difference.

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Navigating Complicated Hurricane Coverage for Your Home

Damage from severe rainfall and flooding, as well as flying branches and falling trees, are some of the serious risks for property owners during a hurricane. Hurricane season in the Eastern Atlantic runs from around May 15th to November 30th. During this time, many coastal homeowners worry about the damage that hurricanes can cause to their homes and what may or may not be covered by their insurance policies. The proper compensation for damage after a hurricane requires having the right home insurance in Maitland, FL, beforehand.

Will a Homeowner Policy Cover All Hurricane Damage?

Home insurance policies cover different aspects of damage to homes caused by storms. While some hurricane damage may be covered, in most cases, people in hurricane-prone areas need more than one policy to cover damages. Whether you are covered or not depends on: the type of damage, how it was caused, the type of homeowner coverage you purchased, and where you live.

Homes and properties in high-risk zones have different coverages available to them than areas that are considered lower risk. Your renter, condo, or home insurance policy may cover some property damages resulting from hurricanes; however, they may have exclusions for this type of high wind damage, or they may require you to add an endorsement for windstorm coverage. Coverage for all hurricane damage may require more than one insurance policy to protect your home.

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What Happens When You Drive Uninsured in Florida?

Times are tough, and people are considering ways to cut back financially, but dropping your auto insurance is definitely not a good way to save money on your monthly budget, because driving without insurance in Florida can end up costing a lot more than your monthly bill for auto insurance in Maitland, FL.

Florida is a no-fault” insurance state, where vehicle owners are required to carry the minimum amounts of $10,000 for property damage liability (PDL) and $10,000 for personal injury protection (PIP). Everyone must have coverage in place before obtaining vehicle registration and tags, and then they must continue to carry it throughout the registration period.

Florida’s First Time Offender Penalties

If your Florida auto policy lapses, your insurance carrier then notifies the state. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will require you to provide proof of new auto insurance coverage, or your license, plates, and registration will be suspended for up to three years. Additionally, the proof of insurance has to show that you had your new insurance in place before your old policy was canceled. Your license, plates, and registration will be suspended, even if the lapse period was only one day.

Subsequent Offenses for Lack of Insurance

Subsequent offenses can be much more expensive. If your auto insurance lapses for a second time within three years of the first lapse, the reinstatement fee increases to $250, and the reinstatement fee goes up to $500 for a third offense.

One More Thing

Your provider issues you a Florida Insurance I.D. card when you first obtain insurance. You must carry it at all times that you are operating your vehicle and show it to any law enforcement officer who asks to see it. If you are asked and do not have it, you may be ticketed.

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How Worker’s Compensation Works for Remote Employees

Just because an employee is working from home or another remote location doesn’t mean they aren’t covered by workers’ compensation in Maitland, FL. Just like with in-office workers, workers’ comp laws are designed to protect employees if they receive an injury that arises out of and in the course of employment.

One thing to keep in mind is that, in an injury situation, the remote employee has the burden of proof in providing evidence that their injury is related to work. That means, before they can successfully file a claim, they must show that they were acting in the interest of the company at the time they were injured.

This is an important distinction since the employer does not have control over the conditions of a home-based work environment the same way they do at an office. Our insurance agency encourages all employers to try to develop ways to improve the safety of remote employees to limit potential hazards. Some suggestions include:

Define Normal Working Hours & Job Duties – Every state has its own definitions as to what is considered a work-related injury, but you can better determine whether or not a claim is work-related by having clearly defined work hours and duties for remote employees.

Establish Home Office Guidelines –By creating guidelines and training on workstation setup and safety, you can reduce the chances of remote employees becoming injured.

Create an Outline of Remote Work Expectations – Covering everything from time management practices to equipment used, creating a detailed outline of what is expected from remote workers can help them stay focused and avoid potential issues and injuries