The Benefits of Supplemental Insurance in Maitland, FL

Insurance policies do a great job of protecting you from financial burdens, whether that is medical bills, car repair bills, theft, lawsuits, property loss, or a number of other risks. However, your primary insurance likely doesn’t cover everything. That’s where supplemental insurance in Maitland, FL, comes in. This type of insurance policy is designed to fill in the gaps that your insurance policy leaves behind.

Personal Supplemental Insurance

The most common type of personal supplemental insurance in Maitland, FL, is for health insurance. Medical costs in the United States are insurmountable if you need a higher level of care than the average person. Even a healthy person who suffers an injury can be left with thousands of dollars of debt. A supplementary policy can be used to pay for:

  • Deductibles
  • Out-of-Network Specialists
  • Lodging when You Have to Travel for Treatment
  • Experimental Treatments or Disease-Specific Care like Cancer
  • Childcare and Household Assistance
  • Extended Hospital Stays
  • Living Expenses like Utilities, Rent, Groceries, or Car Payments

You can also obtain an accidental death policy that would provide for your family should anything happen to you. This can be a good back-up plan if you have high-deductible insurance.

Likewise, supplemental policies are also available for your life insurance, car insurance, and homeowners’ insurance.

Commercial Supplemental Insurance

For businesses, a supplemental insurance policy can be used to protect your business from lawsuits. Also known as an umbrella liability policy, this type of coverage kicks in after your primary liability coverage if the amount of assets at risk exceeds your coverage amount.

A lawsuit due to an unforeseen event like an injury or death on your premises can ruin your business financially, so having supplemental insurance is a smart idea. With the right policy, you can protect your assets from a lawsuit should one arise.

Determining How Much Supplemental Insurance You Need

Deciding whether you need supplemental insurance in Maitland, FL, and how much, can be challenging. When you work with Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, one of our reputable agents will assess your current insurance policies and your risks. They will be able to suggest a plan that works best for your needs and your budget. Reach out to our team today at (407) 671-1100 for a free quote.