Don’t Pay Too Much for Car Insurance in Maitland, FL

If you’re a driver, you need insurance coverage. It’s the law.

It can be expensive in some cases. We see others who are paying vastly different amounts than we are and wonder why. How do you know if you’re paying too much for your car insurance in Maitland, FL? Our team at Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., has decided to look at this question and provide some information here to help you understand your situation.

Let’s start by looking at your vehicle as a reason why you might be paying higher costs than others. If your vehicle does not rank well in crash tests, then the chances are that your rate is going to be higher than you would expect. Along a similar logical line, if your vehicle costs more to repair than many others, then you’re going to pay more to insure it. That just makes sense.

If your vehicle performs well on crash tests and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to fix, then it’s a desirable one. That can be a drawback as well, because if you have a car that others want, one that’s more likely to be stolen, then you’re going to be looking at high car insurance premiums.

Now let’s look at a personal level. If you have a long commute, your rates will go up because it means that your car is on the road more each day and hence your chances of being involved in a collision. If your credit is not good, you could pay more because studies show that drivers with low credit scores tend to have more crashes than those with high credit scores. If you live in a high-crime area, it’s possible your car could be stolen or involved in a crash, and that means high auto insurance premiums.

Make sure you shop around and find an insurance agency that’s ready and willing to find you the most affordable policy for your vehicle.