Does Your Auto Insurance in Maitland, FL, Cover Part-Time Deliveries?

It seems that these days everyone has a side gig. There are plenty of examples of people holding down one job and supplementing that with another part-time venture. In many cases, it’s straightforward, and you do your second job the same way you do your main one without any special considerations. But what about if your extra job sees you using your car for work, as a part-time delivery driver, for example? Does your auto insurance in Maitland, FL, cover you?

At Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc., insurance is our business, and we’re happy to give you advice on coverage if you use your car for deliveries. In this case, you need to be aware of the distinction between personal insurance and the commercial variety.

Basically, if you’re doing deliveries with your vehicle for money, then you need to inform your auto insurance company about it because a personal policy will not cover you for such a business. Your insurance coverage could be void if your company doesn’t know about the commercial use of your automobile.

Not every auto insurance provider allows you to use your car for deliveries, so make sure that you check with your agent before providing delivery services.