Different Types of Liquor Liability Insurance in Maitland, FL

If you operate a business that serves alcohol, then you need to have liquor liability insurance in Maitland, FL, to protect your operation. It’s coverage you never hope to use, but it can prove priceless if it saves you from financial disaster in the form of a costly lawsuit.

There are different types of coverage, and we’re familiar with them all at Mike Elliott Insurance Agency, Inc. We’re going to use this article to fill you in on the main points you need to know before you purchase a liquor liability insurance policy.

The coverage can be broken down into four major categories. The first is assault and battery coverage that will protect your business if patrons get injured in a fight at your establishment or injure a bystander. A similar consideration is getting a policy that provides for legal defense costs arising out of such a situation.

Make sure you have employee coverage to provide assistance in case your employees drink on the job and cause injury or property damage.

The final type of liquor liability insurance policy you should look for is one that handles psychological damage. This is applicable when a patron files a claim against your business for mental or psychological distress.

This type of insurance is little known, but it can very quickly make itself known when it saves your business.