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Types of Work Injuries Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Accidents can happen even in the safest workplaces. Many people think any injury that occurs on the job qualifies them for workers’ compensation. However, the truth is that not all injuries that happen in a business qualify for damages. The insurance industry even classifies the types of on-the-job injuries for which they will not pay. It benefits you to learn the parameters of filing for workers’ compensation in Maitland, FL.

It Doesn’t Always Pay to Be Injured on the Job

Legal officials say a person’s injury qualifies for workers’ compensation if it happens while performing their duties. Preexisting conditions, such as arthritis that flares up while you are working, do not allow you to receive payment. Injuries that fall under the personal risk doctrine, including things employees do to themselves that become symptomatic at work, do not qualify for a workers’ compensation claim.

Let’s Be Reasonable

Acts considered deviations from employment are exempt from compensation. The types of incidences that fall under the deviation rule include performing an assigned task in a way that causes your injuries. If you do the job in a manner that most people would consider dangerous, chances are your employer’s insurance will not pay for your medical care.